Hear From My Happy Clients

A WORLD CLASS AGENT – I WOULD RATE YOU AT THE VERY TOP – Laurie and I wanted to thank you for all the invaluable help and support you provided in our long and involved search for the perfect home! As you know, I have bought and sold dozens of single family homes in the past and have always used a real estate agent, even though I am a broker myself, and by now have formed some opinions about what makes a world class agent. I would rate you at the very top – follow through, persistence, professional skills and above all, attitude. Our interests were always first and foremost. Please don’t hesitate to give my contact information to anyone who might be considering your services. – 2017

Laurie and I are pleased to add a strong second to our recommendation from 2017 after recently completing our 1031 exchange of investment property with your representation. You expertly guided us and our team through a complicated and challenging escrow, even garnering respect and praise from the lender. An additional criterion of this exchange was our desire to purchase property that we loved enough for it to possibly become our residence when we retire and which would continue to provide income. This was a taller order than simply locating rental property. We’ve come to expect successful results from you and are thrilled with our three charming homes in the idyllic Sebastopol countryside with their significant income potential. Thank you once again, Susan, for your superlative service. – 2018

Ian and Laurie MacLachlan


After representing us faithfully in 3 real estate transactions Susan Harman has earned our very highest recommendation. Her skillful negotiation, professionalism, and breadth of knowledge were responsible for bringing about the best possible selling price, guiding us through a 1031 exchange, and helping us buy the perfect replacement property. She eased the stress inherent in making major financial decisions. Susan Harman has been of immeasurable assistance to us in selling two of our properties and buying a new home. First and foremost, we hold her in high regard due to her solid sense of ethics. Not only is Susan trustworthy, she also has a breadth of knowledge about real estate, the economy, and our local market. She told us what to expect, handled all the necessary details, and kept us informed; she demonstrated skill in negotiations; and most importantly, she faithfully represented our interests, made sure that we got the best possible price, and helped us buy the replacement property that was perfect for us. In addition, she worked with us to stage our home and make it appear larger and more appealing to potential buyers. Susan’s kindness, compassion, positive attitude and professionalism made the stressful business of real estate so much easier for us. We give her our highest recommendation for buying or selling property.

– 2015 Laurie Needham and John Hubiak


Over many years, Susan has represented us in the sale and purchase of multiple homes and investment properties. Starting in 2003, she worked with us for over a year as we remodeled and prepared for sale our home in the hills of northeast Santa Rosa. We took advantage of her excellent advice regarding the amenities, colors, features, landscaping, staging and timing, all geared toward maximum resale value. Susan was absolutely fabulous and we couldn’t have been happier with the results. The ultimate sales price made all the remodeling worthwhile and led the way to other successful enterprises! Susan’s continued success comes from a commitment to personal integrity, tireless attention to detail, and excellent communication skills. I highly recommend her!

– 2007 Denise Freeman 


I selected Susan Harman to represent me as my Realtor while I was relocating from Arizona to California. During a very busy time for both the market here and for her personally, not one detail in my transaction was overlooked or delayed. She realigned her schedule several times to be available when I could travel to preview homes and make offers. Her commitment to excellence and thoroughness made the long-distance purchase of my California home very straightforward. Her communication was always professional, thorough, kind and considerate. Susan Harman is an amazing woman and without hesitation, I can recommend her as a most wonderful choice.

– 2005 Laine Thomas 


We got this home because of Susan’s persistence We wouldn’t have gotten our beautiful home without Susan’s persistence. As a young family and first-time home buyers, we didn’t have a down payment. But, we did have a decent income. With the market being so competitive at that time, we searched for many months and endured eight multiple-offer situations before we had an accepted offer. She never gave up, and was always coming to us with something new to look at so we wouldn’t get discouraged. Susan always kept in mind what our needs and wants were. Many times during our searches we brought with us our new baby and our two-year-old daughter. Susan was wonderful with our kids and somehow, we all survived the journey of finding just the right home. Eventually, she found us a home in one of our favorite neighborhoods before it went on the market in the foothills of northeast Santa Rosa. We are happier with this home than we would have been with any of the others we made offers on and we truly believe we wouldn’t have been able to get into this home if it weren’t for Susan and her determination.

– 2005 Sarah and Carlos Montes 


During and after my 30-year corporate career, I found Susan to be one of the most ethical, professional, personable and trustworthy people I have encountered. She always responded quickly and positively to each of our calls and inquiries and kept the focus on our best interests. Susan worked with us for months to help us prepare the home for sale giving excellent advice about staging, colors, landscaping, and timing. She brought her own real estate experience to bear and also invited several colleagues to add their input on pricing this unique luxury country property for a quick and highly profitable sale. The price and terms were better than any of us anticipated and because of our fantastic results, we invited her to help us do it all again. Another huge success!

– 2004 Paul Will Chute