Renovation Tips

Renovation Tips to Invest in Your Home

How Can You Invest In Your Home?

The “Invest in Your Home” information was developed during a series of home improvement seminars that I once offered to my clients, potential clients, and business associates. They were designed to help home owners (or soon-to-be home owners) in making decisions in the on-going project of homeownership.


Who Provided These Tips?

This information was garnered from local professionals in their fields who were hand selected and used by me. They are people that I trust to help me with my personal home needs and questions and I would trust their information for you as well.

What Type of Information is Available?

Topics include:

  • Home Remodeling–Updating and upgrading: an overview of the phases of construction
  • Color, Choosing a Palette that Works: create a color scheme & color board for your home
  • Feng Shui–Bring Harmony to Your Home and Create a Better Life: learn the basics and how you can apply them to your own home
  • Landscaping as an Investment: water features, design tips, quickly enhance to sell
  • Painting Techniques including Venetian Plaster: hands-on demonstration with Venetian Plaster; learn painting the proper way
  • Window Treatments–Let’s Get Covered: latest trends, odd-shaped windows, enhance a room with windows
  • Creating a Healthy Home: toxic molds, airborne pollutants, and home safety.

This is a list of helpful information with topics for your consideration and your research online.


Home Remodeling — Updating And Upgrading

This information was provided by a long-time licensed contractor in Sonoma County. As a member of the Redwood Empire Re-modelers Association he specializes in all areas of residential construction, including decks. His passion is finding ways to fill the gap in training our youth in the trades that have been cut from high school curriculum.


Consider The Following:

  • Learn how to choose a contractor, designer, or an architect
  • Learn what steps you need to take to move from the “idea” phase of a proposed project to the “completed” phase of your project
  • Learn about resources for the trades in Sonoma County
  • Get an overview of all phases of construction
  • Learn what to expect when starting a construction project
  • Obtain comparative values of different kinds of upgrades


Color!!! Choosing A Palette That Works

These tips come from an exhibiting artist and designer who has provided color consultations and interior décor for homes in Marin and Sonoma Counties.


Consider These Topics:

  • What are current color trends?
  • How do colors affect your feelings? Did you know that the color red can raise your heart beat and blood pressure but pink/light red is calming? What about yellow, green, or blue?
  • Learn about the scientifically proven affects of color on our emotions and the body’s physiology
  • What’s the best color for your bedroom? Home office? Living room? Home exterior?
  • Develop your own personal color scheme
  • Consider developing your own color board for designing and furnishing your home


Feng Shui–Bring Harmony To Your Home And Create A Better Life

These tips come from a professional personal and environmental Feng Shui practioner. She received her formal Feng Shui training from an internationally famous Feng Shui Master, Professor Lin Yun. She has been a Feng Shui keynote speaker, workshop leader, and featured guest on a San Francisco radio talk show.


Consider Such Topics As:

  • The universal laws of Attraction and Receiving
  • Learn the principles of “Creating from Within”
  • Look at Feng Shui basics you can use in your home and in your day-to-day life
  • How can you focus energy productively, where do you place furniture and accessories to obtain the optimal functional working, living, and relaxing environments
  • The Ba’Gua, a powerful Feng Shui tool, helps you create a map of the home.
  • Explore how to apply these principles to your home and property to increase the quality of these life aspects: Career, Knowledge, Family, Wealth, Self Realization, Partnership, Creativity, & Benefactors


Landscaping as an Investment

The professional providing this information has over 30 years of experience and is a certified landscape designer by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. He served residences/businesses throughout the North Bay.


Consider Such Topics As:

  • Design tips
  • Phases in landscaping
  • Creating your own sanctuary
  • Water features
  • Container gardens
  • Water saving designs
  • Enhance quickly to sell your property
  • How to properly select professional help.


Painting Techniques Including Venetian Plaster

This professional has been a Painting Tradesman for decades. His education in the trades began with a three-year apprenticeship under his father who is a second-generation painter. Afterward, he did a three-year journeyman-ship at Lucas Films Skywalker Ranch in Marin County working with the finest imported European painters. He specializes in ultra-fine residential painting and complete restorations and enjoys doing decorative finishes such as Old School Venetian Plaster and innovative one-of-a-kind wall finishes. Working all over the Bay Area as a licensed contractor with his own business, he handles residential jobs, commercial and industrial projects, and even travels outside the area for special projects.


Topics to Consider Are:

  • The right tools for any painting project
  • Find out how to get your painting project done easier, faster, and with better final results
  • Learn the proper sequence for painting and why sequence is important
  • Learn how to properly prepare for and clean up after your painting project
  • Learn the proper technique for Venetian Plaster
  • Learn how to make even the generic home store brand of plaster look great


Window Treatments — Let’s Get Covered

This professional woman is an exhibiting artist as well as a designer and business owner. She has been doing window coverings and interior décor for homes in Marin and Sonoma Counties since 1987.


Take A Look At The Following Topics:

  • Find out about the “functional art” of good window treatments
  • What are the latest trends?
  • What do you do with odd shaped windows?
  • Should you go elaborate or simple?
  • How to use window treatments to “punch up” the décor in a room.


Creating A Healthy Home — Is Your Home A Safe Place To Live?

These tips come from a practicing Health Consultant. After a health crisis brought on by exposure to toxic mold, her focus has been on assisting and educating individuals challenged with immune concerns. She focuses on improving indoor air quality.


Healthy Home Topics To Consider Are:

  • Creative solutions and preventative measures to protect and improve the quality of the air in your home
  • Types of carpet and pressed wood, plus “economy” home building facts
  • Discover why 6 out of every 10 homes is believed to be “sick” as a result of airborne pollutants
  • Learn what the symptoms of a “sick” home are
  • Consider a home air filtering machine


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