Curb Appeal Tips

Does your home have curb appeal?

Curb appeal is an important part of getting a home ready for sale. Your home’s outside appearance will be the first thing potential home buyers see before entering your home. A good first impression is essential to a fast home sale. You might try stepping across the street and looking at your home with neutral eyes as if you were seeing it for the first time. Below is a list of some quick and easy steps to help you get started on boosting your home’s curb appeal.


Check the house from the roof down

  • Is the roof free and clear from obstructions such as leaves and moss?
  • Are the gutters clean and in good order? Replace, repair or clean as needed.
  • Are the shutters properly secured? Remount, replace, and repaint as needed.
  • Are the windows clean and free from obstructions (such as overgrown bushes or trees)?
  • Are the windows old aluminum? Consider replacing and upgrading if budget allows.


Check your home’s exterior

  • Inspect the condition of the paint or siding?
  • Is it time to power wash the siding? This is inexpensive and can make a huge difference!
  • Is touch up or re-painting needed? Carefully inspect railings, decking, window panes and siding.
  • Is the front door in good shape? Repaint or replace if necessary.


What does your yard look like?

  • Do flower beds need an upgrade?
  • Are the flower beds free and clear of weeds?
  • Are the flowers in bloom?
  • Are the beds properly mulched?
  • Are bushes, trees and shrubs neatly pruned? Prune and trim bushes, shrubs, and trees as needed.
  • Store garbage cans in the garage or shed.
  • Clear grounds of miscellaneous wood, trash, building materials, brush etc.


Keep the lawn neatly groomed and clean

  • Is the lawn free of children and pet toys?
  • Is the lawn free from weeds?
  • Is the lawn free of animal droppings?
  • Is the lawn free from grass clippings?
  • Is the lawn neatly edged?


Simple things that can make a difference

  • Are the house numbers easy to read? Replace, clean, or trim shrubbery as needed.
  • How does the mailbox look? Replace or repaint as needed.
  • Does the doorbell work? Is the button in good condition? Fix if needed.
  • Polish the doorknocker and mail slot.
  • Add potted plants or flower boxes around or near the front entrance.
  • Clear the walkway and entrance of any clutter; trim bushes and shrubs to keep it clear.
  • Is the front of the home properly lighted? Make sure the home looks appealing at night too.


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