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Buying Your Home Or Retreat Property

I’m here to help you work through it! The process of purchasing a home is very exciting but can also seem overwhelming and intimidating to many people. Purchasing a home is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make in your lifetime.

As a Realtor® and as a longtime homeowner, I understand and have gone through many of the fears, questions and concerns you may have about your up-and-coming home purchase. It is important to me that you are informed and clear about each step and process that you’ll be going through. It is my job to make sure your goals are met, and together we will work as a team to help you and the home of your dreams to be united.

First time home buyers (or people who haven’t been through the process in awhile and want some reminders), click here for additional, detailed information about the process of purchasing a home.

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Buyers Agent Free to the Buyer

Through the years, I have found that there is sometimes a little confusion on how the buyers’ agent is paid. Many people are worried by the thought of having to hire someone to help them find a home in addition to the cost of having to purchase a home. But buyers usually don’t have to spend a dime getting all the service I provide you with as a buyer’s agent! Yes, it’s true, buyers do not pay their agents to work for them; traditionally, the buyers’ agent is actually paid by the seller.

This does not mean that the buyers’ agent works for the seller; the sellers usually have their own agent. My loyalty and fiduciary responsibilities (when I’m in the role of being a buyers’ agent) are only to my buyers. Yes, you will still have to pay for any home or pest inspections and anything else you wish to have done, but you do not have to pay me even though I will work hard for you. What I ask for, if you are pleased with my service, is your loyalty in return and that you refer your friends and family members to me. I promise to take good care of your referrals.


Helping you Search

As your Realtor®, I will help you locate a home that is the perfect blend of your needs, wants, and budget. Whether it’s a certain school district or a certain style of home you’re interested in, I have every confidence that together we will find something that suits your needs. Shopping for a home is one of the most exciting phases of home purchase. You will get to see many different types of homes, and based on our searches, we will form a clear sense of what your priorities are and what you’re looking for in your new home.

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Contact me to start my search on your behalf and to receive information about homes that meet your own personal needs! Often I know of homes that aren’t yet on the market but that might be just the home you’re looking for.

Home Warranties

Throughout the home purchasing process, I take great care to make sure that you are up-to-date on everything that is going on and that your needs and concerns are attended to. Throughout this process we form a bond, and I always want to make sure that you feel taken care of, even when the home purchase is complete. Whenever you purchase a home from me, make sure that you receive a one year Home Protection Plan.

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Renovation Tips to Invest in Your Home

Another way I like to say “Thank You!” to my clients is that I offer complementary tips to increase the value of your home. These tips are derived from experts who presented at “Invest in Your Home” Seminars that I sponsored in years past. These tips are designed to help home owners (or soon-to-be home owners) make decisions in the on-going project of home ownership.


More Information for Home Buyers

Laine relocated from Arizona to Sonoma County and with Susan’s help bought her Sebastopol home in June, 2005.

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